The Wellness and Prevention Center, LLC 
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About Us

Established in 2009 The Wellness and Prevention Center started as a medical education company while the foundations were being laid for the family practice clinic.

Our Mission -
We are committed to providing quality health care and support services to all, and we strive to deliver quality care at the most affordable prices. As responsible members of the community, we provide employment opportunities in professional, licensed, supportive, and administrative capacities. Our desire to promote wellness and prevention shines through in our individualized  patient centered approach.

Our Values –
The beliefs we hold as important that guide our actions.
Compassion - caring for others with patience, kindness, and understanding.
Quality - committing to excellence to be the very best in all we do.
Passion - providing care and service to all with whom we come in contact.
Accountability - taking ownership to achieve desired results.
Diversity - striving to create collaboration, cooperation, and productivity by appreciating unique skills and abilities, and treating others with respect.
Integrity - adhering to moral and ethical principles, soundness of character, honesty, and fairness.

The Wellness and Prevention Center, LLC is a family centered healthcare practice dedicated to our patients, and their healthcare needs.

Inspired by the need to promote prevention and encourage wellness The Wellness and Prevention Center’s staff is dedicated to meeting the healthcare and health education needs of our patients, their families and the community.

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and strives to provide professional individualized medical care and education. Because the staff of The Wellness and Prevention Center believes change can start with the smallest of seeds, each member of our staff serves our local communities healthcare needs either through volunteer work, mentoring, or teaching. Through community outreach the staff is able to plant the seed of healthcare promotion and prevention encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

We share office space with I-Med, PC and are located on the second floor of the medical office building next to John C. Lincoln Hospital, Deer Valley Campus.

The Wellness and Prevention Center, LLC
19841 N. 27th Ave Suite 204
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
Phone: 623-387-3705
Fax: 866-941-5662

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